Our PVC shades adhere to the following standards...

To earn our seal of approval, a product must validate it is effective in preventing sun damage to the skin or eyes. The manufacturer must provide scientific testing data from an independent laboratory. The laboratory must be a separate entity from the manufacturer. The seal is provided to products that demonstrate high quality as a sunscreen lotion, sun protective clothing, shading devices such as umbrellas, awnings, and other complimentary sun protective products.


The Greenguard certification means that our product has very low levels of chemical emissions, which deems it safe for indoor environments and usage around children. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an issue that must be addressed by architects, designers, and manufacturers of furnishings and equipment. Nine states have mandated green construction requirements for public buildings. The Federal government’s General Services Administration will be adding IAQ requirements to its furniture specifications.



Our fabrics have been tested and have received the Confidence in Textiles certificate which means that you can be sure that there are no harmful chemicals in our fabrics. This is important because when solar shades are exposed to the sun, the fabric does not emit these harmful chemicals into the air.





The National Fire Protection Association Certification ensures that the fabric passes all flame retardant tests. It is important with solar shades which are exposed to extreme elements inside and outside the home that there is no risk of the product catching fire.

Common Uses for Sun Shades